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Spotlight on Tery Spataro

Tery Spataro will be sharing her perspective in her presentation during the Global Brand Convergence® 2023 Livestream, November 29 at 8 AM ET

She will be talking about, “Synthetic Muses: Unleashing Creativity in the AI Infused World”

We asked her to share how she works with AI and what she works differently as a result.:

(Crossing the Finish Line, part of Tery's newest project Strange Place)

What are the ways you use AI in your work?

  • Ideation and research.

  • Reminders and spontaneous discussions.

  • Character development.

  • Strategy and communications planning.

  • Concept work and prototype (for my commercial clients).

  • Create images and stories for picture books, fine arts pieces, AR and VR concepts, and products, including home decor, fabric, fashions, accessories, and puzzles. 

  • Create music, voiceover, animation, and video.

As a result, how has your work changed?

  • I'm more creative and productive, and I can offer more creatively. Otherwise, I am limited to what I can produce using digital tools. 

In art what are some of the platforms that you use to create art?

  • Keeping in mind, that my art form includes still and moving images, music, and voice.

  • Playform for fine arts because it's been trained on my photographs and traditional artwork.

  • MidJourney

  • Adobe Photoshop (generative AI is built-in)

  • Bing/Dalle-3 for concept and storyboarding

  • Bard to help with prompt engineering when I'm stuck.

  • CopyAI for tone of voice when creating a script or song.

  • RunwayML

  • Kaiber

  • Deforum

  • Music Gen

  • VoiceMod

  • ElevenLabs

If someone is new to AI art creation what are three things they should consider doing? 

  • Have patience. Practice prompt writing.

  • Select the generative AI based on your needs.

  • Understand Generative AIs are still learning. Treat your AI right!

What’s your biggest realization about AI? 

  • The more fruitful information and training you give the generative AI, the more its knowledge base grows, and the creativity becomes limitless.

Fabulous Favorite: It's hard to pick a favorite AI artwork that I created. I started a new project called Strange Place, which is about a hyper-realistic, surreal, weird, energic society from a planet far, far away. This piece, particularly, is Crossing the Finish Line, featuring the high- spirited Pink Roaring Lady. (Pictured at the top of this article.)

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