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Spotlight on Conor Grennan

Conor is an expert on AI and is a leading voice on LinkedIn and in the AI community.

He is one of our featured speakers at the Global Brand Convergence® Livestream, November 29 at 8 AM ET and here he shares his insights on AI and how it influences productivity and the work environment:

Q: What are some of the specific trends that you are seeing in terms of how AI is being

used in the workplace?

A: With MS Copilot coming out, I think we're going to see more people integrating AI

tools into their workflow in things like emails, potentially.  But mostly I see marketing

departments beginning to use it for brainstorming new ideas.


Q: What are some of the skills that you see being replaced by AI in the workplace?

A: think simple, repeatable tasks will be replaced by AI. I also think writing copy can be

done so quickly that it will begin to replace that skill.


Q: In what ways do you work with companies to help improve the skill sets of their

employees in the use of AI?

A: I run training workshops for companies to help them understand and get excited

about how to integrate generative AI into their workflow by taking a fresh look at how

generative AI actually works and how it applies to tasks.


Q: If I have no experience using AI, what are some of the specific things that I should

do to get some basic skills in its use?

A: It requires no experience or skill. The best thing you can do is open up ChatGPT and

begin using it with the tasks you deal with every day.

Q: What are the ways in which you are using AI in your work? How have your work

outcomes changed as a result of that? 

A: I use it many times a day for editing, brainstorming, formatting, strategizing - pretty

much everything. The quality and speed have both improved in my workflow.


Q: How do you stay up with AI? You are so active in writing, speaking, and using all

different forms of AI? How do you do it?

A: I read a lot! And I listen to podcasts. And now I've started a podcast, AI Applied, so I

have to read even more!

Right now, co-workers are secretly doing their work faster and better. Don’t get left behind! Do this: Identify the tasks that make up your job. Apply #ChatGPT to each one. A Quick Guide to get started: (click image to visit the original post on Connors LinkedIn profile)

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