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Updated: Nov 6, 2023


Global Brand Convergence®

Jacqueline Strayer


Free online experience showcasing global thinkers, creators, and artists in marketing,

public relations and communications.

Second event will be streamed on November 29 8 AM ET

NEW YORK, October 24, 2023 — The Global Brand Convergence® will be streamed

on November 29, 2023, at 8 AM ET, a free online experience in marketing, communications, and public relations. The Global Brand Convergence® was conceived by Jacqueline Strayer, its Founder, a global C-Suite executive in marketing and public relations and professor, in response to the isolation and alienation in the pandemic she saw in the classroom. After its launch in 2022, which had over 700 registrants from 20+ countries, the Global Brand Convergence® received such favorable feedback it will hold its second event next month.

“This year our program will focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has become a central conversation in the boardroom and the classroom. We will showcase great minds who are involved with AI applications and issues in various dimensions. Our speakers will also address topics of social impact and how to use comedy in leadership There is something for everyone”, Jacqueline Strayer commented. The Global Brand Convergence® will include artistic performances and content from vocalists, animators, storytellers, and photographers.

Among the speakers and topics to be covered are:

“This has nothing and everything to do with AI” Ted Lim, Creative Consultant (Asia/Pacific)

“AI and Creativity”

Baris Gencel, Creative Director (China/Cyprus)

“Rethinking Productivity with generative AI”

Conor Grennan, Dean of MBA Students, NYU Stern (USA)

“Synthetic Muses: Unleashing Creativity in the AI-Infused World”

Tery Spataro, Creative Director and Author (USA)

“A different approach to Conservation, the Environment & Human Development” Larissa Sousa, Associate Director and Spokesperson (Mozambique)

“The ROI of LOL” Clayton Fletcher, Comedian, (USA)

“AI to the Rescue: Thriving, Not Just Surviving, in the Digital Age” Yair Nativ, Co-Founder and CEO at Hour 25 (Israel/USA)

“AI and its Ethical Considerations” David Epstein, Professor, Adviser, and Investor (USA)

“We are honored that such a brilliant, accomplished, and remarkable group of people

are involved in the Global Brand Convergence®. Each of our speakers are distinguished and will fascinate and inspire our audience,” Strayer commented. “Our artists will provide a wonderful and fresh cultural component that will make this an experience,” she added. “I am thankful to my Advisory Committee who generously shared great ideas and counsel to help us create the program.”

Information on speakers, panelists, moderators, and artists can be found on the Global

Brand Convergence ®:

It will stream on November 29 8 AM ET.

Registration is free at:


Totally self- funded without paid sponsors, the Global Brand Convergence® has

numerous communication and media partners who are generously helping to promote

the November event throughout the world to students, faculty, and professionals.


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