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Global Brand Convergence℠ Panelist Profile : SheShe

R&B Vocalist &Entertainer

Her beginnings….

SheShe’s musical inspiration stemmed from her upbringing in Tennessee where she was introduced to gospel, blues, and R&B. As a child, she also took ballet lessons. It was then when her grandmother told her that she was meant to be a star. Years later, she became a devoted mother, and her children went to performing arts school. Her children inspired her to pursue her artistic dreams, and that’s how she found musical theater. She successfully auditioned for the musical Hairspray playing Motormouth Maybelle at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre in Tennessee and winning two awards for her performance. She knew she was in the right place.

The Big Apple Move Forward

After a successful musical theater career in Tennessee, she was ready for her next adventure–New York City. SheShe wanted to be realistic and gave herself a five-year plan. To her surprise, she surpassed her plans within her first six months! She signed with an agent and a manager and booked her first NYC show. Her success taught her that she didn’t need a plan. Now she fully lives in the moment.

One February morning, she stood in line to audition for Showtime at the world-renowned Apollo Theater. Though SheShe had never been to a show at the Apollo, it didn’t matter. After a successful audition, she was invited to perform that summer and won 3rd place in their competition. And SheShe was asked to come back and perform again.

NYC’s Music Under New York

SheShe is currently on the roster of musicians and performing artists in NYC’s Music Under New York program, a competitive program to be given the right to perform in subway stations around NYC. This acclaimed program gets thousands of applications and auditions per year, but her audition brought the judges to their feet in a standing ovation. She has been a lauded member of the program since 2016. It was there we discovered SheShe, singing “At Last” at the Times Square Subway Station. And, it is that song she will perform at our Global Brand Convergence℠ and we are sure, you, like us, will become one of her devoted fans!

Join SheShe on April 21, and our terrific lineup of performers along with our speakers, panelists, and moderators. Free registration at

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