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Updated: Mar 22, 2022


Global Brand Convergence

Jacqueline Strayer


Free online experience for marketing and public relations students, faculty and professionals showcasing global thinkers, creators, and artists.

NEW YORK, February 16, 2022 — The first ever Global Brand Convergence℠ will be launched on April 21, 2022, a free online experience for higher education students, faculty, and professionals around the world in public relations and marketing. The intent of the Global Brand Convergence℠ is to connect and create a community to share ideas, innovations, and concepts to advance them in the classroom and in the profession. The idea was conceived by Jacqueline Strayer, its Founder and Convener, a global C-Suite executive in marketing and public relations and professor, in response to the isolation and alienation in the pandemic she saw in the classroom. The Global Brand Convergence℠ will give access to attendees to hear from thinkers, innovators, and creators of new ideas, challenge the given and inspire the future of the practice both in the classroom and the profession, and at no charge. It will also include artistic performances and expressions from around the world including music, dance, and the visual arts.

Among the speakers, panelists, and topics to be covered are:

Social Entrepreneurs: Building your Sphere of Influence and Social Impact Shazeeb M Khairul Islam, Entrepreneur and Social Business Activist, Obama Scholar,


Flávia Maia, PhD, Climate Activist, Urban Expert, Obama Scholar, Brazil How do Brands Formulate Strategy Around Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)? Arun Sundararajan, PhD, Global Thought Leader, Educator, Best-selling Author, USA Storytelling Essentials: Lessons from a Film Director Daniel Lombroso, Film Director and Journalist, USA Marketing: When East Meets West: How to Navigate the Cultural Differences

Jay Soo. Renowned Marketer, Agency Founder, Creative Visionary, Singapore Michelle Whittemore, Marketing and Public Relations Leader, Hospitality Industry

Expert, United Kingdom Crisis in an Enduring Pandemic Helio Fred Garcia, Global Crisis Expert, Author, Award Winning Educator, USA

Dong Guanpeng, PhD, Professor, Scholar, Strategic Adviser, China The Road Taken: Two Learning Journeys Rayner Loi, Tech Entrepreneur, Sustainability Expert, Global Generational Leader,

Singapore Sneha Satish, Strategic Communicator, Business Partner, Distinguished Graduate, India

and USA

“We are honored that such a brilliant, accomplished, and remarkable group of people jumped in to get involved and be part of the Global Brand Convergence℠. Each of our speakers and panelists are distinguished and will fascinate and inspire our audience,” Strayer commented. “Our artists will provide a wonderful and fresh cultural component that will make this an experience,” she added. “I am thankful to my Advisory Committee who generously gave me great ideas, counsel and access to people to join our program and to my fantastic New York University graduate students, past and present, who tirelessly helped create essential communication and marketing elements and have been and continue to be so supportive in this process.”

Information on speakers, panelists, moderators, and artists can be found on the Global Brand Convergence℠ website along with registration: The event, which will be held on April 21, 8 AM-12 PM ET, is free, online, and will use a Zoom platform.

Totally self- funded without paid sponsors, the Global Brand Convergence℠ has numerous communication and media partners who are generously helping to promote the April 21 event throughout the world to students, faculty, and professionals.


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