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Larissa Sousa, Associate Director & Spokesperson, Mozambique

Introduced By: Shazeeb M Khairul Islam,
Obama Scholar & Managing Director at YY Ventures, Bangladesh

Larissa joined the Gorongosa Project in 2017, and has been working to help change the lives of many local women and girls through education ever since. She is an advocate for women’s empowerment, human development through education at all levels and for the conservation of the Park. She began her work at the Park as the Girls Education Program Manager (Girls clubs). in 2017 she was brought on to the Gorongosa National Park to help change lives of many woman and girls around the buffer zone and raise awareness on conservation. The girls clubs she oversees focus on keeping girls in school and out of early marriages, as well as improving their reading and writing skills. Involved in all the educational programs in the Park , her work is central to girls and Early Childhood Development programs (preschool clubs). She is a Global Leader for the World Forum for ECD Mozambique representative. Prior to joining the Park, Larissa worked in management, education, and in the de mining industry in Mozambique and at Daimler-Benz in Germany. Her educational background includes undergraduate and graduate degrees in business and international business.

A different approach to Conservation, the Environment & Human Development

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